Friday, March 20, 2009

Megawords Responses

Below are Dan Murphy and Anthony Smyrski's responses to the Megawords and Culture Ethics post. My uploading of their comments has beeen delayed, let me publicly apologize here.

Mr. Graphic Conscience,

Thanks so much for this, it is exactly the sort of critical dialogue we are looking to incite. It's sorely needed in Philadelphia, and elsewhere.

I certainly appreciate the review. In regards to recycling,we do often print on recycled paper when possible (believe it or not, its indeed MORE expensive to print on recycled paper). Considering Megawords is funded by ourselves, cost is always an issue. However the printer we do use, Signature Offset, is quite conscious environmentally. Here's some more info:

And as an answer to your parting question, I think Megawords is a great example of art (please note however, we do hesitate to call ourselves artists) can be eco-conscious without being about being eco-conscious.

Thanks again,

Just took a few moments to further dig into your blog, some good stuff... however while we are on the subject of misspellings in Megawords, I'd thought I'd let you know that Shepard Fairey is spelled as such, not Shepherd, as you have spelled it in this article:

I worked with him as art director at Swindle magazine for 3 years, and thought I should correct spelling of his name.

Best regards,

And in further news regarding Megawords:

Megawords tenth issue recaps the recent storefront project. The special edition reflects upon the exhibition's thirty-one days as a physical outlet for creativity in a melange of color and black and white photographs, reproductions of storefront plans and proposals, and written reflections about the project.

Get your copy here:

You can also subscribe to Megawords here:

Megawords Ten
112 color pages
5" x 7"
Perfect Bound

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