Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Drawing Soiree

In the basement of Hamilton Hall at the University of the Arts hides a space called Gallery One. Gallery One is the student-run gallery, a space set aside for students to experiment, exhibit, and curate, the art world version of training wheels. Book Arts and Printmaking MFA Candidate Bobby Rosenstock has coordinated a collaborative experiment currently on view called Drawing Soiree.

This exhibition is a testament to what art students can do with free time and a case or two of beer. After covering the walls of Gallery One with paper, he asked fellow artists to spend the night there with him, working spontaneously, creating a collective stream-of-consciousness on the walls.

Full of energy and rhythm, this installation doesn't care what you think. It is laissez-faire as art. Yet Soiree is free of the pretentiousness of similiar experiments. It celebrates young artists, but serious young artists trying to figure out what they can do. None of that overly cool, hipster/poseur crap here.

Rosenstock provided no signage or information listing how long Soiree would be on view, or when its doors would be open. And Gallery One is a difficult space to see for those outside of the UArts community. However, it is experimental exhibitions such as Drawing Soiree that proves that there are Philadelphia art students, and their exhibitions, that can defy the "student show" label.

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